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With the massive digital evolution taking place in the business world over the past couple of decades, new marketing techniques are increasingly replacing traditional promotional practices. Digital PR and digital branding are the dominant strategies in the content marketing industry today.  

Digital PR is composed of many different aspects. Businesses and entrepreneurs today avail of different digital PR services, like social media verification, ORM, media replacement services, etc., to increase their online presence and get in the spotlight.  

As a result of the surging popularity in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, crypto PR has rapidly become the leading public relations tool for blockchain startups in the past couple of years. Crypto PR services, as a result, are now considered a crucial strategy for enhancing your crypto brand’s visibility and establishing a favorable public image. If you are an agency owner, then this exponential increase in the demand for crypto PR services means it might be the best time to monetize this opportunity by white labeling this service from the leading providers. 

This blog will explain everything you need to know about this trending and in-demand service called crypto PR and how white labeling it from a good provider can maximize your revenues as a digital marketing agency. 

Crypto PR: Everything You Need to Know  

To put it simply, crypto PR refers to a set of marketing strategies and tactics that help promote a crypto or NFT project, increasing its brand awareness, website traffic, and organic reach. Depending on the nature of the project, PR experts use different promotional techniques, or sometimes, a combination of these techniques, to create hype around the crypto or NFT brand within the blockchain community. 

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are the newest additions to modern financial technology, and as such, these concepts still remain quite confusing to a large population. Hence, one of the main objectives of a good crypto PR campaign is educating the general audience about your crypto brand’s offering in an easy-to-digest manner. Apart from building awareness, crypto PR also includes media publishing and building an industry reputation that helps the brand achieve its desired publicity.  

From crypto marketplaces to decentralized applications, and from NFT projects to blockchain-based games, almost every niche in the cryptocurrency industry has recently made major headlines across the globe. There is a new blockchain startup launching every other day, and it makes the market highly competitive for both already existing and newly-released projects. This inspires crypto-entrepreneurs to turn to crypto PR service providers to win the spotlight and the desired audience attention.  

How Facilius Inc. Can Help You Tap this Golden Market Opportunity 

Traditional PR techniques are gradually becoming irrelevant, more so when it comes to blockchain projects. You need a specialized team of digital PR experts who understand the crypto industry and this technology to the core to promote your business and give you opportunities to expand it. And this is where Facilius Inc. excels. 

Our team comprises highly-skilled crypto PR experts who have successfully helped hundreds of crypto and NFT projects achieve the publicity they desired. We have provided these services through our network of 100+ agency partners, helping them maximize their revenues by white labeling our services and reselling them to crypto brands and entrepreneurs.  

Some key features of our best-selling crypto PR solutions are as follows: 

1. Complete Crypto PR and Publicity 

Many new crypto companies prioritize marketing their brand through social media marketing and ad posting, but it makes more sense to establish your brand authority by getting featured on industry-leading media outlets. Our team can help your clients get published in finance and crypto publications with millions of dedicated readers, such as Bitcoinist, AmbCrypto, ZyCrypto, Yahoo Finance, and several others. 

2. Listing on CoinMarketCap 

Anyone who has been in the world of cryptocurrency must have heard about CoinMarketCap. It is the go-to website for anyone looking for information about a crypto project or the price action of an asset. Getting your client’s project listed on CoinMarketCap is among the main objectives of our client-centric crypto PR campaigns. 

3. Twitter DM Marketing 

No digital PR campaign is complete without social media marketing. Being the most active platform for the crypto community, we target Twitter audiences for this purpose. We approach millions of potential investors using our tried-and-tested copywriting skills and targeting expertise.  

Why Partner with Us? 

Our goal is to partner up with the best digital PR firms around the globe and help them exceed their crypto or NFT clients’ expectations by white labeling our services. The benefits of teaming up with us include: 

  • Proven Team Expertise 

Our team has an extraordinary portfolio and many success stories of helping our partners get their clients the desired popularity and publicity in the cryptocurrency industry. 

  • Quick Turnarounds 

Here at Facilius Inc., we value time and competence the most. We understand that time holds utmost significance in the contemporary professional world, and we are always determined to deliver the desired results within the shortest possible time frames. 

  • Reseller-Friendly 

Our services are 100% reseller-friendly, and you can easily white label them as if you were providing them to your clients directly.  

  • Always Up-to-Date 

We understand that cryptocurrency is an extremely fast-moving industry, and you need to stay updated on the latest news and stories all the time. Our research team is constantly working to stay up-to-date and help construct relevant and dynamic crypto PR strategies accordingly.  

  • Best Market Prices 

We want to help you grow as an agency by reselling our services. This is why we are determined to offer our services at the most competitive market prices so that you can resell them at a premium while still offering the most competitive pricing to your clients. 

From this blog, it’s clear that right now is the best time to jump into the crypto PR bandwagon. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have proven that they are here to stay, and their popularity doesn’t seem to be subsiding anytime soon. If you want to cash out on this golden opportunity in 2022 by white labeling the high-demand crypto PR services from the best provider, don’t think twice, and reach out to Facilius Inc.!  

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