Get your clients that highly sought-after Twitter blue verified badge with Facilius Inc. as your agency partner.

Twitter verification is a mark of authenticity. A verified Twitter profile is authentic and makes it easier for a large audience to find and trust the brand. The badge helps brands and public figures maintain credibility on their profiles and avoid getting impersonated. To date, Facilius Inc. has successfully facilitated Twitter verification for thousands of profiles.


Our services are catered to other digital agencies and vendors, who can white label it from us and resell it to their clients. Twitter verification can be applied for brands, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, entertainers, influencers, athletes, and other public figures.


Step 1

We make your client or their brand appear more famous and noteworthy on the internet. We do this by getting sponsored articles about them published in top-tier publications.

Step 2

We ensure that your client meets all the requirements for Twitter verification set by the platform.

Step 3

We make the verification application on your client’s behalf. We use our tried-and-tested techniques and leverage our sources to ensure that your client is verified 100% of the time.



Facilius Inc. has extensive experience in successfully delivering Twitter verifications. Find out why agencies approach us to get them the results they are looking for every time:

Partner with Facilius Inc. and experience a seamless and hassle-free Twitter verification process

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Frequently Asked Questions

We review your application and perform a notability check. When we find everything in order, we will submit your application to Twitter.

You must have an active Twitter account and a credible presence online to get verified.

Our entire process from start to end takes 30 to 60 days.

No. Twitter considers online presence more than anything else. Thus, being featured in top-tier digital publications like Forbes, Yahoo, and Entrepreneur can boost your chances of being verified. Having a Wikipedia page will also be helpful.

Yes, 6-7 press articles are needed to get verified on Twitter.

If you white label Facilius Inc.’s Twitter verification service, you can provide it to your clients at the best price and make maximum profit. We want our agency partners to grow with us, and no one can provide this service at a more competitive price.

Our verification packages include writing press articles and publishing them in top-ranking media outlets online. These articles help in building your brand’s credibility.

No, provided you comply with Twitter’s regulations and policies.

When we send an article for publishing, the client’s information will be required by the publication. However, we submit the information only after receiving approval from our clients. All our communications are end-to-end encrypted.

No, we do not offer SEO services.

We offer customized services to fit the needs and preferences of our clients or other agents’ clients. Contact us directly with your request, and our team will put together the best package for you.

Twitter is the #1 platform for thought leadership in today’s world. From brands and entrepreneurs to artists and influencers, everyone wants to make themselves heard on Twitter. That’s why Twitter verification is in very high demand, and you can make a lot of profit by offering this service to your clients.