Help your clients get verified on TikTok with Facilius Inc. as your trusted agency partner.

A verified TikTok account is considered more trustworthy and credible. Celebrities and public figures consider TikTok verification as a priceless possession.

TikTok’s verification is exclusive to people with a strong online presence. Your client needs to have a strong online presence, including sufficient media coverage and a good presence on search engines.

We let other agencies white label our TikTok verification service to help them get their clients verified without taking any risk in delivery and execution. With thousands of TikTok profiles verified to date, our process delivers guaranteed results each and every time.


Step 1

We make your client or their brand appear more famous and noteworthy on the internet. We do this by getting sponsored articles about them published in top-tier publications.

Step 2

We ensure that your client meets all the requirements for TikTok verification set by the platform.

Step 3

We make the verification application on your client’s behalf. We use our tried-and-tested techniques and leverage our sources to ensure that your client is verified 100% of the time.



Facilius Inc. has extensive experience in successfully delivering TikTok verifications. Find out why agencies approach us to get them the results they are looking for every time:

More than 75 agencies have trusted us to take their clients’ TikTok profiles to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To increase your chances of getting verified on TikTok, you first need a verified profile on either Instagram or Facebook. However, online notability is on top of TikTok’s requirements for verification. So, we review every application and check the strength of your online presence. Accordingly, we build your brand’s presence with the right coverage in well-known news media. We also help our clients get verified on other social media platforms. Once we have done the rest, we submit your profile for verification. With our tried and tested methods and accesses, we get the profile verified.

It typically takes 90 days from start to end to get TikTok profiles verified. The timeline can change subject to the profile’s online presence and the requirements for verification.

It enhances your brand value. It makes your brand more trustable and helps more people find and engage with your brand on TikTok. TikTok verification helps in avoiding getting impersonated by competitors or spammers.

Our TikTok verification service is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. This means that we will issue a full refund if we fail to get your client verified within the promised timeline.

There are many important criteria for TikTok verification. For instance, your account must be active and you should engage with your fans and followers. However, the most important criterion is noteworthiness, which means you must prove that you are a famous brand or personality. Facilius Inc. can help you with this.

Like the badges on other social media platforms, your TikTok badge is permanent if you adhere to their policies.

Our verification packages include writing press articles and publishing them in notable newspapers and magazines online. These articles help in building your brand’s credibility.

We offer customized services to fit the needs and preferences of our clients. Contact us directly with your request, and our team will put together a suitable package for your client.

The cost of getting verified on TikTok depends on the complexity of your application. Please get in touch with us to get an accurate quote.