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While the goals of branding & marketing for any brand are still the same, the techniques and delivery have changed drastically in today’s digital world. If you run a digital marketing agency, you need to be constantly on your toes. You need to always offer something new and exciting to your clients to remain relevant. Offering your clients the coveted YouTube verification badge is a unique and lucrative service to have in your portfolio. Moreover, it’s also one that’s quite in-demand!

In this blog, we will explain why the YouTube verification badge matters and how offering this service can help you scale up as an agency.

The YouTube Revolution

Today, video content reigns supreme on social media. And when it comes to videos, everyone knows YouTube is king! Moreover, YouTube is also the world’s second-largest search engine (after Google), a further testament to the enduring popularity of video content. This platform has an estimated 2.6 billion active monthly users, trailing only behind Facebook and Google. 

As of 2022, approximately 500 hours of video are uploaded per minute on YouTube. Yes, you read that right! For any of your clients inquiring about exposure through YouTube, the potential is enormous. And this potential increases even further with YouTube verification.

Why the YouTube Verification Badge Matters

There are billions of videos on YouTube. As users browse the platform for content, they look for videos from sources they can trust. The YouTube verification symbol is a visual indicator of this trust. If your client wants to get people’s attention and grow their online footprint, this badge is critical — here’s why.


The online world is akin to the Wild West. With smartphones being available at less than a hundred bucks, nearly anyone can post anything online today. The same holds true on YouTube. As a result, the platform is riddled with channels posting fake, stolen, or low-grade content. How does a user decide then which YouTube channels to trust?

Well, when an account gets verified on YouTube, users can be confident that it is authentic. The gray tick assures viewers that the content is coming from a genuine, reliable source. 


The ratio of authentic to copycat accounts on YouTube is astounding. While some of these may be relatively harmless fan-generated accounts, others could be trying to earn views and money by rehashing your client’s original content. In such a case, your client would be robbed of the views that should originally go to their content. 

YouTube verification protects users and creators from such malicious behavior. When users see two accounts having the same content, they will opt for the channel having the verification badge. Thus, by offering verification services for clients, your agency would offer something priceless: peace of mind.


Verification is the path to monetization. The YouTube business model is all about traffic. The more traffic a channel gets, the greater the ad revenue it generates. Moreover, it also brings your client to the notice of advertisers or sponsors. 

Increased traffic is every creator’s goal since this leads to more revenue. Viewers are looking for content they can trust, reference, and recommend to others. This is the social media cycle, and it can be a very profitable one.

How to Help Your Client Get the YouTube Verification Badge

Only a tiny fraction of YouTube accounts display that coveted gray check box. A surefire way of helping your client achieve this distinction is by partnering with Facilius Inc. We are the #1 white-label social media verification agency, having thousands of success stories.

The best benefit of working with Facilius? We take all the risks in delivery and execution while your agency resells the service and earns the profits. Facilius’ YouTube verification process is 100% secure — we only need Viewer Access to a channel. No one from our team will ever ask for a client’s password! If you genuinely believe your client could be the next online video sensation, a YouTube verification badge is not a want but a NEED! Contact us today to help make your client’s vision a reality and stay a step ahead in the digital landscape.

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