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As 2022 comes to a close, the video juggernaut TikTok has released its top content of the year. Interestingly enough, these lists do not include some of the platform’s most-viewed videos. This circles us back to wondering how TikTok’s mysterious algorithms really work and how trends are measured.

A Roundup of the Top Videos (US only)


Funnily enough, the number one TikTok video of 2022 in the US detailed a giant chocolate giraffe! While the clip was viewed 308 million times, this number is lower than last year’s top video, which racked up 314 million views. 

Here is the complete list of the top ten videos of the year:

  1. @amauryguichon’s giant chocolate giraffe
  2. @chipmunksoftiktok’s Squishy the chipmunk (Same rank as last year)
  3. @rosalia chewing gum meme
  4. @blondebrunetteredhead’s deadpan version of “Jiggle Jiggle”
  5. @little.blooming.women’s “little baby”
  6. @schmoyoho’s remix of Corn Kid
  7. @lizzo’s choreography video for “About Damn Time”
  8. @itsmrfinn’s musical reveal for students
  9. @jimmydarts’ follow-up to helping a community member
  10. @meltandpour’s ultimate showdown between lava and ice

Many of these videos were selected based on entertainment, inspiration, and learning new things to make viewers’ lives a bit easier. 

TikTok Taught Me

TikTok has become as much a learning as an entertainment platform. The most popular categories of self-learning are cooking, wellness, beauty, and everyday “life hacks.”

  1. @oursignedworld – being inclusive of deaf culture
  2. @cookingwithlynja – the grilled cheese master
  3. @brunchwithbabs – pumpkin carving made easy

These top three videos highlight a trend of making activities such as communication and sprucing up a common dish more effective and personalized. There is also an element of inclusivity in this list.

Music Playlists

The top songs on people’s playlists were a mix of breakthrough and established artists. Once more, diversity is on display in these tracks that are worthy of being played on repeat.

  1. “Sunroof” – Nicky Youre & dazy 
  2. “L$d” – Luclover 
  3. “Ginseng Strip 2002” – Yung Lean 

Breakthrough Stars

In this category, the common themes are inclusion, comedy, and highlighting different cultures. Laughter truly is the best medicine, as evidenced by the great numbers on these videos. 

  1. @dylanmulvaney – a trans actress, comic, and content creator who is the star of the viral series “Days of Girlhood” 
  2. @pepperonimuffin – Kirsten shares her Hawaiian culture with the TikTok community 
  3. @kervo.dolo – a comedian who has mastered the art of impersonation 

Only on TikTok

This list includes videos that are exclusive to this platform. The common thread between these videos is authenticity. The third entry is especially powerful in its upbeat take on raw honesty.

  1. Jiggle Jiggle 
  2. It’s Corn! 
  3. One Thing About Me 

Uncovered Communities 

This category further cements TikTok’s place as a learning platform. The top three videos pay homage to bookworms, gearheads, and film buffs. 

  1. BookTok 
  2. CarTok 
  3. FilmTok / MovieTok 

SMBs (Small Businesses)

The hottest small businesses on TikTok are spread over diverse industries. All of these are also areas multiple demographics can relate to. 

  1. @81stdeli – the Cleveland deli and its famous Chicken Salad 
  2. @poolpromj – satisfying pool cleaning videos by MJ The Pool Pro
  3. @sanisisters – two sisters sharing their journey of building a clothing brand that reflects their Indian heritage 

#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt Products 

TikTok has also boosted sales for a wide variety of items in 2022. If something goes viral on TikTok, especially when showcased by a popular creator, good luck getting your hands on it. The hottest products this year were a kitchen utensil, mascara, and perfume. MAC and Glossier are already cult-favorite beauty brands, but MAC’s new mascara and Glossier’s legacy perfume got a big boost thanks to TikTok.

  1. Food Chopper 
  2. MAC STACK Mascara 
  3. Glossier You Perfume 

Emerging Artists 

Audiences had a chance to listen to new styles and voices, with the response taking some of these fresh favorites all the way to Grammy territory. This shows the true power of social media and where followers can take their favorite creators.

  1. @icespicee 
  2. @steve.lacy 
  3. @bailey.zimmerman 

The Patterns in the TikTok trends

These lists clearly show us that 2022 was a year of inclusion, diversity, learning, and individuality. Viewers are looking for unique skills and captivating personalities. Education and entertainment are equally important. Audiences want creators they can relate to and share a genuine connection with. 

The biggest TikTok trends include learning about different cultures and lifestyles, discovering new things, how to adapt to an array of social interactions, and how to make life not just a bit easier but more pleasant than the grim reality the pandemic left us with it. 

2022 was also an excellent year for small businesses that could leverage the power of TikTok trends. Brands and influencers who knew the power of going viral on TikTok had a year to remember, indeed.

Here’s to hoping these upbeat trends are a taste of even brighter things to come in 2023!

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