The Obsession Called Instagram Verification

The Obsession Called Instagram Verification

Every major social media platform (be it Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Twitter), today, has incorporated a system through which you can verify your social media account. The first platform to start this system was Twitter, and it was later adapted by everyone from Facebook to YouTube to Instagram among many others.

The blue badge on Instagram, when first introduced, was limited to specific public figures, celebrities, and the likes. Instagram awarded it but the requirements for it were not apparent. While it is still restricted to public figures, the definition of a “public figure” has become more lax. Over the years, getting verified on Instagram has become a matter of pride and status. Simply put, Instagram verification has become a craze that does not seem to be dying down. So, what do you need to get verified on Instagram? While the list below is not all-inclusive, it covers the key requirements for Instagram verification.

  1. Press – you must have significant coverage in the press to prove you are worthy of being verified
  2. Wikipedia page – this will seal the notability requirement that Instagram has. A Wikipedia page is usually a sign of sufficient press and notability. If you want to know to learn more about creating a Wikipedia page, you can read our blog here.
  3. Organic followers – you can get verified with as little as 1000 followers if you a celebrity but if all your followers are bots or fake, Instagram can detect it
  4. Instagram verification requires a strong presence on another social media platform. For example, someone verified on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube is more likely to get verified on Instagram

While you can officially apply for verifying your Facebook page here, Instagram verification is far more elusive. This exclusivity has, to some extent, further fueled the obsession.

Complete control of your identity (a.k.a avoid the fake accounts)

Instagram verification will ensure that no one is able to use your or your brand’s name for nefarious purposes. It helps distinguish the real account from the many fake accounts that pop up like mushrooms after rain. Furthermore, it gives your followers the assurance that they are interacting with the real deal. It’s the process with which you take ownership of your own identity, something that is crucial in today’s social-media-driven world.

Having a verified profile has become more important than ever for businesses and individuals. It is a sure-fire way to avoid someone else from capitalizing on your identity while boosting your own brand online. While the process can be difficult, Instagram being the toughest nut to crack for a verified profile, it is definitely worth the effort.

Marks you as trustworthy

Social media users understand the importance of following verified accounts. A verified Instagram account works as a stamp of approval, something that sets you apart as being a trusted, significant entity and ensures you get the attention online that you deserve.

Boosts content

Over and above having a positive impact on your image online, Instagram verification plays a very important role in helping your content get out there on social media. There is a great deal of increase in the visibility that your content gets if you get verified on Instagram. This will have a cascading effect which ensures more followers and thus a better promotion for you and your brand moving forward.

Elevates your Instagram presence

If you want to make sure that you get the traction your brand or you deserve online, Instagram verification is key. It works as a status symbol, signalling to the audience that you are a significant entity in your own right. This not only helps drive more and more people towards the content you are putting out there but makes it easier for people who want to do business with you to locate you.

If you are looking for Instagram verification, get in touch with us. Our team of specialists can help you with the entire process from end to end.