Social Media engagement and consistent followers’ growth have become the key drivers of a brand’s or individual’s online success. With billions of people surfing the net daily, it is beneficial and or brands to maximize digital resources. What if there is a way to make a brand visible and accessible to more than half the world population? Well, there is; and we know just the pathway.

But wait, there are challenges that most brands face:

What Is Social Media Engagement?

Social media engagement is the most important performance metric for your social media efforts. It is measured by the number of public shares, likes, and comments on your posts.

Why Is Social Media Engagement Important?

Posts with higher engagement show up on the Instagram Explore page, trend high on Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, most users and businesses are unwilling to interact and buy from profiles that show little or no interaction.

Why Is My Social Media Engagement Low?

Social media platforms have algorithms that limit the engagement that your profile enjoys with every update.

How we do it


 We build a strong sense of trust between our clients and the audience We provide easy verification for our clients to stand out from counterfeit accounts.


 We use our connections with media outlets to get our clients proper and widespread press coverage.


We provide carefully written content for your social media pages. This generates public interest and guarantees massive followership and engagement.


Our team ensures consistency of posts with the basic principles of a client


Instead of just marketing a brand, like many “PR companies” do, Facilius Inc. can directly influence digital growth and engagement. We have a creative and enthusiastic team of publicists, digital experts content writers, and media professionals capable of increasing online presence for brands, celebrities, organizations, entrepreneurs, and everyone hoping to improve their social media reach.  As an agency partner, Facilius can help you grow your clients’ social media follower base as well as boost engagement on every post your clients create.

Facilius Inc. uses a fully automated operation to accomplish incredible results in the shortest time  and cheapest price.

  • We are a reliable company with a remarkable record of success. you can engage us now to execute an order or contact the team directly .


 We create an appealing image of your brand then shine the spotlight for everyone to see. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this service is absolutely safe. You’ll attain visibility only from real accounts, and thus, they are likely to stay engaged with you if the content produced is relevant and interesting.

No, we do not need your password. All that’s needed is your profile name and target audience.

No, these likes and comments are genuine, from real and active people behind the screens. They won’t be deleted in the future.

You can cancel your subscription with us at any point in time by dropping us an email 48 hours prior to the time you want the service to be stopped.