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Do you want an article about your company or you on one of the most famous websites in the world? It is the age of information, and everyone’s first impulse is to simply ‘Google it’ whenever they hear of something new. An article on Wikipedia, the world’s largest archive of human knowledge, lends credibility to your brand and helps your SEO efforts greatly. Hiring the right Wikipedia page writers is absolutely key to getting your page approved.

Creating your Wikipedia page is no easy task. Simply put, Wikipedia writing is an art. All content writers are NOT Wikipedia writers. Wikipedia has hundreds of rules that you need to conform to.  Our team of talented Wikipedia editors knows each and every one of them. Facilius Inc creates more Wikipedia pages and has more Wikipedia page writers than any other company.

We need to first judge your notability before accepting an order. The typical questions you get include

  1. Do you have enough press articles that mention your company or your name? If so, can you point us to some of them?
  2. Could you let us know about the major milestones and achievements in your career?

Why do we judge your notability? We take a guarantee that your Wikipedia page will not be deleted. Consequently, it is vital for us to know if you meet the guidelines set by Wikipedia. This way, we keep our promise and you lose no money! In fact, if your page is deleted (highly unlikely), we will refund ALL your money.

It takes us 10-14 days to create your Wikipedia page. Our prices are lower than anyone else in the market. Interested in knowing more? Click here

What if you don’t have press articles? Don’t worry. Our extensive Wikipedia writing services include generating the press content you need. We will generate this press in publications accepted by Wikipedia. This service requires more experienced Wikipedia page writers but our team is well equipped to deliver the desired result.

Email us at and we will reply back in less than 24 hours.

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