Social Media Verification

The world of social media verification is a maze. With the number of companies claiming to offer this service, every person should have a verified handle. Alas, this isn’t true. Most accounts do not qualify for social media verification. A blue tick on your profile means credibility. We live in an age where credibility is money and a stamp of authority. In order to get your social media to account verified, you must qualify for verification. The prerequisites include:

  1. Press articles – You must be a notable figure or company. You must be frequently mentioned in the press before extensively.
  2. Wikipedia page – Although this is not a certain requirement, it helps verify an Instagram or Facebook account easily. Facebook (they own Instagram) considers this as a mark of credibility and notability
  3. Following – It is a misconception that you need to have millions of followers to get verified. We have verified people with just 4,000 followers. However, those followers need to be genuine and you must be a notable personality.

If you don’t have any press articles or Wikipedia pages, don’t worry. Our team of experts can sort this out for you. Please note that verifying your Facebook page is easier than verifying your Instagram handle. Instagram verification is reserved for specific celebrities and businesses.

Time & Cost

It can take up to 40 days to get that coveted blue badge (i.e verify your social media handle) but we take a guarantee that it will be done (if we accept your order). If we fail, you can have your entire money back! Our pricing starts at $2400 per verification. We aren’t sure if our competitors offer a lower or higher pricing but we know we are better!

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