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Content marketing“Something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or any of various art.”

For a brand, setting up of an identity is the first step. The second is content amplification – using a comprehensive content marketing strategy that gets your ‘identity’ out there. This is where the use of content marketing services packages to suit different platforms, come into play.

To get the most out of content creation efforts, businesses need to package it uniquely. Hence, the need for content marketing services. This is where Facilius Inc. steps in.

What Entails Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a recipe made of all online platforms that help you reach out to the target audience, effectively. For content marketing services in India, it involves indirectly promoting the story of your brand.
The present-day digital world is a dynamic beast – ever-changing and ever-morphing, demanding all forms of content – text, graphics, video, etc. for the consumption of the viewing audience. All of which need to be created and distributed across multiple channels to amplify the reach.

Simply put, having a successful content marketing strategy is certainly not a walk in the park.

Facilius Inc. understands this, and we are good at strategies.

Audience-Friendly Content Marketing Service Providers

‘Striving to create engaging content is demanding and challenging, but those who get it right discover that it’s completely worth it.’

We know it. Whether your content is in the form of videos, audios, blog posts, images, infographics or eBooks, we get your audience hooked. How do we do it?

By picking subject-matters your viewers will be interested in and then plug your brand through it.

Our Process

  • We review your goals.
  • We perform content audits.
  • We analyze breaches and exploitable assets.
  • We scan consumption, audience reach, lead generation, and conversion.
  • We promote with context and relevance to drive content performance.

The Platforms

As providers of user-friendly content marketing services, we meticulously wield the powers of search engines, social media platforms, blogs, third-party websites amongst others.

Search Engine Friendly (SEO) Content Marketing Services

‘First, establish a strong foundation for your site. Only then you earn absolute advantage of all content marketing tactics.’

The basis of growth is a solid foundation. This is why at Facilius Inc., we toil at increasing the ranking of your website by laying the robust groundwork. Our technical SEO experts drive organic traffic to the site by masterminding assessments and then optimizing according to them.

Achieving First Page Rankings

  • Build search engine optimized content on topics that are of strategic value.
  • Cultivate relevant traffic volume to particular landing pages, rapidly and organically.
  • Utilize link building exercises that pivot on creating natural and pertinent links.
  • Recurrently address issues of site structure, thin content and, of course, technical SEO.
  • Incessantly test and then hone in to capitalize on conversion rates.

Brand Reputation Building Content Marketing Services Packages

‘A subpar idea doesn’t great content make. It creates an awful brand image.’

It takes a few minutes for a poorly written blog post or tweet to generate a lousy customer experience. It takes even fewer seconds for it to go viral and build a notorious brand image.

Imagine you publish a well-written and detailed article on your site.  You fail to share it on Twitter as you did on the brand’s Facebook page. That’s the first hit to your brand image. Your Twitter followers are not engaged. Now imagine that the post touches upon a hot topic in an insensitive style. That’s a second hit to your repute — Facilius Inc. steps in here. We keep your online reputation management game strong. Always.

We recognize that content needs to be formed carefully and bundled differently for every social media platform. Something shared on LinkedIn doesn’t perform as well on Instagram. In a world where these platforms can make or break a company, a content marketing strategy that focuses on building a brand reputation is indispensable.

Generating Meaningful Perceptions

The team at Facilius shapes your online reputation by treading a 4-step plan:

  • 1/3 of our content creation process is only about vetting ideas. It gives us the most reliable start and eradicates mistakes.
  • We study your niche to distinguish the strategies applicable to your vertical.
  • We investigate what questions your target audience wants the answer to and in which form.
  • We scrutinize the final content’s ability to communicate efficiently, trigger a positive emotional response and provide actionable insights to the reader.

Choosing A Content Marketing Service Provider

‘No can claim to be the No.1 content marketing agency, but they can vouch to be among the top ones.’

So, we say, you’re on the right path to selecting a great content marketing company. Our team of experts has over a decade of marketing experience. When it comes to content marketing services, we specialize in making your content look good.

Content marketing is the cornerstone of the lead generation process, and we know how to deliver it correctly. When you pick us, you partner with folks who are committed to developing strategies that align with your needs.

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The World of Content Marketing

The Cambridge dictionary defines content as ‘something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or any of various arts’. In the ever-changing digital world, it is vital that all your forms of content be it text or graphic or video are packaged to suit different platforms and then marketed to your audience. Simply put, being a successful content marketing company is not child’s play. We understand this world and we are good at it.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing includes a combination of all platforms that are needed to reach out to your target audience in the most effective manner. Most importantly, it involves marketing your content in an indirect manner. You get the audience engaged in a subject matter they would be interested in and plug your brand or services through that. The platforms for content marketing services could include search engines, social media platforms, blogs, third-party websites amongst others.

Why is it important?

Imagine you have a written a good and detailed blog article and published it on your website. How do you then share it on your social media platforms? The click-throughs to an external website from Instagram are extremely poor which is why sharing the article on Instagram the way you do it for Facebook might not be the best solution. Simply put, your content needs to be packaged well and packaged differently. In a world where you have various platforms through which you have to market your content, content marketing is your way to have a centralized and effective digital marketing strategy.

Where can I find the best content marketing agencies?

Well, you have made a good start by landing on our website. We have over 10 years of combined content marketing experience. We know how to make your content sound good and we know how to deliver it correctly. No one can claim to be the best content marketing agency but we certainly are amongst the best ones out there.

Often, agencies confuse the concept of digital marketing or content writing with content marketing services. We do it all – we have an extensive content writing and a digital marketing team but our content marketing specialists are different and focused.
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