Business Plan Writing

Business Plan Writing
Whether you are a new business looking to raise funds or an existing business looking to expand, business plan writing is becoming a necessary requirement. An investor isn’t going to give you the funds based on the idea alone. He/She will need a comprehensive investor deck explaining what your idea or business is all about and what your projections are.

As a team, we have created over 100 business plans. Writing a business plan is an art. It is not a straight forward process. It can be an intimidating task to create one when you have your business to focus on. We deal with entrepreneurs and firms on a regular basis and cater to  a multitude of questions that they have.

The questions that usually come up in your mind include

Do I really need business plan writing services?
When should you write a business plan?
Why should you write a business plan?
Who should you hire to write a business plan or provide you with business plan services?
Will it include my financial and marketing plan?
How long does it take to create a business plan?
Are business plan services reliable?
If you have any of the questions above, you have come to the write place. With a team that has written over 100 business plans and helped clients raise funds or streamline operations, we do have an incredibly talented and experienced business plan writing team.

1.Do I really need it?

Whether it is for your current investor, future investor or to streamline operations, everyone, we repeat, everyone needs to create a business plan. Whether it is in the form of a comprehensive word document, a teaser or an investor deck – you need a document that outlines what you do, what you intend to do and where your business is heading.

2. When should you write it?

Creating or making a business plan is not a day’s job. It takes time, effort and thought. Start creating your plan 2-months before you actually need it.

3. Why should you write it?

If you are looking to raise funds, it isn’t really a choice. Your investors need it, the bank asks for it and your internal teams will need it as well.

4. Who should you hire to write it?

You need to hire someone who understands the process involved, is an expert with finance and marketing but more importantly can package your material well. A business plan is your sell document to your investors. You need someone who is good with marketing content. Ideally, you need someone who has written over 100 plans and helped clients raise millions of dollars!

5. Will it include my financial and marketing plan?

Yes. Your business plan does include both.

6. How long does it actually take to create one?

The answer depends on the work involved. We don’t believe in making business plans a standard package that companies sell. Each business is different so why should the business plan be the same for all. In general, the time taken ranges from 4-8 weeks depending on the level of detailing required in the business plan.
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