As per Company’s Law, every company is expected to prepare and circulate an annual report to all its investors. The purpose of the same is to highlight them of not only the previous year’s performance and learnings but also the action plan of the coming year. Due to the stake and interest of the various shareholders in the Company, companies are under perpetual pressure to provide transparent and clear information of their performance, expectations and corporate governance. Additionally, the mandate by regulators and public; annual reporting by corporate has become more intensive, complex and challenging.

Therefore, due to the various criticalities involved; annual report writing services in India have gained importance substantially. Annual reporting allows companies like us an opportunity to highlight the company’s vision, mission, values, performance and growth story in a fair and credible manner in a way so as to build and enhance the stakeholder’s trust, understanding and belief in the company for a sustainable period.

We at Facilius, have vast experience in this field and have gained reputation for being one of the sought after companies for providing annual report writing services in Mumbai. Not only do our reports offer investor engagement but also follow rules of corporate governance and regulatory compliance. Our process to deliver the end product is a grueling process which involves gathering information, extensive research, conducting interviews with the key management personnel and much more. The annual report writing services in Mumbai offered by us involve preparation of the first draft, numerous editing post discussion and deliberation with the company’s management and thereafter, delivery of the final proof-read product which is suitable and apt for the public’s purpose.

Hence, to ensure your Company personifies good quality and corporate governance while reducing your burden so you can divert the same time on other important matters; we are the right solution for you!

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