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Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. As such, there is an increasing craze among users to get verified on the platform. But is Twitter verification really necessary? Or is it just another fad that’ll soon pass? In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of a Twitter verification service to help you make an informed decision.

Twitter has always had somewhat of a controversial reputation. People have expressed concerns about Twitter being a platform for influencers having divisive and radical opinions. Moreover, there are also fake accounts spreading false news through Twitter. And the controversy has only heightened since Elon Musk offered to buy the social media giant for $44B. For every user that uses the medium to keep up with the latest happenings, there’s another one who distrusts it. In such a scenario, having the Twitter blue verified check could be a gamechanger for a brand or public figure. But before delving into the ‘why,’ let’s first look at ‘how’ to get verified on Twitter.

How to Get the Blue Check on Twitter?

twitter verification service

Twitter verification was introduced back in 2009 as a way to verify the identity of celebrities and public figures. The Twitter verification process was initially invite-only, but Twitter opened it up to all users in 2016.

There is a certain set of guidelines that users must meet to be eligible for Twitter verification. However, this is usually a lengthy and time-taking process, and it doesn’t guarantee verification either. For this reason, most people prefer to consult a professional Twitter verification agency to make things easier.

Benefits of Twitter Verification Service

Many benefits come with Twitter verification. For one, it adds an extra layer of authenticity and trustworthiness to your account. It also makes your account more visible in search results as the Twitter algorithm tends to promote verified accounts.

Additionally, Twitter verification can help you build authority and influence within your industry. If you are trying to build a personal brand or grow your business on Twitter, then being verified there can boost your popularity. Here are the top ways that a Twitter verification service benefits your personal brand.

·      Boosts Credibility and Authenticity

Twitter is a free platform, so creating new and fake accounts to spread misinformation is easy. In fact, Twitter is known for being populated with lots of bots. As much as 5% of the total Twitter accounts are bots. Hence, a Twitter verification service confirms that your business account is real and authentic. This makes it easier for your target audience to trust and engage freely with you. Moreover, it also adds weight to the views and insights that you share from a verified Twitter account.

·      Prevents Identity Theft

Keeping your online identity secure is extremely important these days. And it’s more so if you are managing a brand account.

The Twitter verified blue check ensures that an imposter cannot pose as you and scam your customers. Even if someone creates a Twitter account with the same name and profile picture as yours, they won’t have the verified badge. As a result, audiences would be able to differentiate between your official account and those fakes easily. This also prevents impostors from stealing traffic and engagement that should ideally belong to you.

·      Makes You an Authority in Your Industry

A common misconception about Twitter verification is that it is limited to celebrities and multinational corporations.

Twitter verification in 2022 does not require you to be a media magnet. You can be a scientist, a businessman, an artist, or just an active hobbyist involved in their community of interest. Of course, you would need to have a sizeable following. But having only a large following doesn’t guarantee you a position of authority. Yet, having the Twitter verified badge can do so. When people see a verified profile on Twitter, they automatically consider them to be an expert in their respective field. Thus, the Twitter verified tick mark cements your reputation as an authority figure in your industry.

·      Opens Up Collaboration Opportunities

Once you tend to get noticed, people around you will want to associate themselves with you. A verified Twitter account means that your word gets out and is heard among many followers. You will be seen as an influential person in your field. Soon, opportunities to collaborate with brands and fellow influencers will automatically open up. You can use these partnerships as an additional earning stream or to expand your own brand awareness.

·      Helps You Get Verified on Other Platforms

Yes, Twitter is not the only platform that offers the option of getting verified. The coveted blue checkmark is available on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok as well. All of these are helpful in building your online brand presence. Getting a verified Twitter account gives you a head start in this process. This comes in extremely handy while applying for verification on other social media platforms.

The Verdict

All these reasons are strong evidence in favor of Twitter verification being here to stay. Evidently, a Twitter verification service comes with many significant advantages. And as the platform continues to grow, so will the demand for getting verified on Twitter. So, we can safely conclude that Twitter verification is not a fad after all.

What Next?

It’s a great time to leverage Twitter verification, with more and more users queueing up for the coveted blue badge. If you run a digital agency, adding a Twitter verification service to your portfolio can prove highly lucrative. But how can one offer guaranteed Twitter verification services to their clients without the necessary networks and connections? Simple! Just team up with Facilius Inc. — the US’s #1 white-label Twitter verification agency — and resell our services.

We can help you get your clients verified on Twitter with a 100% guarantee, at the best market price, and with the quickest turnaround times. Moreover, our Twitter account verification service is 100% reseller-friendly so that you can white label it effortlessly.

Twitter has a reputation among users as a cyberspace town hall. But Musk’s claims of being a ‘free-speech absolutist’ have many people speculating about its future since the billionaire’s proposed takeover.

Yet, this has not stopped most users from using the platform to share their messages or promote their businesses. And we’re confident that there’s still a big opportunity out there for digital agencies to leverage. What’s stopping you, then?

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