Help you clients achieve the lucrative Instagram blue verified badge with Facilius Inc. as your partner agency.

Instagram verification helps brands build their presence in ways that no other digital service can match. Brands have witnessed tremendous growth in their recall value, followers, and thereby conversions after getting verified.

We are the only agency that can boast of a track record of verifying more than 1000 profiles on Instagram. There is a reason why more than 100 agencies trust us with verifying their clients on Instagram.

Our track record includes helping entrepreneurs, artists, doctors, brands, authors and more public figures get the blue badge.


Step 1

We make your client or their brand appear more famous and noteworthy on the internet. We do this by getting sponsored articles about them published in top-tier publications.

Step 2

We ensure that your client meets all the requirements for Instagram verification set by the platform.

Step 3

We make the verification application on your client’s behalf. We use our tried-and-tested techniques and leverage our sources to ensure that your client is verified 100% of the time.


Why Facilius Inc. Is the #1 White Label Agency Partner for Instagram Verification?

Facilius Inc. is a legitimate company with a guarantee of success in verifications. We are flexible, and agencies can white label our services. Discover why brands rely on us to get them verified:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we allow agencies to white label our Instagram verification services. You can offer IG verification packages to your clients and let us do the groundwork.

We have a refund policy that offers 50% money-back for orders not executed. Either your client gets the Instagram blue tick, or you get 50% of your money back.

Instagram checks several criteria for an account to consider it for verification, such as authenticity, credibility, the value of content, etc. However, the most important criterion is notability, which means how famous or popular a brand or public figure is.

Absolutely! And we have thousands of satisfied clients and 100+ agency partners to testify that. 

It usually takes 16 weeks to get verified with a standard Instagram verification package.

For this, you have to have press articles about your client or their brand published in reputed media publications. We can help you with this.

In most cases, it takes somewhere between 90–120 days to get an Instagram account verified. However, the timeline may vary based on the complexity of your client’s case.