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Instagram is rolling out yet another exciting and highly anticipated change to its video content experience. Users would now be able to upload uninterrupted Stories. This means video clips under 60 seconds will no longer be split into 15-second segments when uploaded as Stories. Instagram started testing this feature with selected users in late 2021. And now, it is available to users worldwide.

A spokesperson from Meta, the parent company of Instagram, confirmed the news to TechCrunch via an email on Friday. They commented, “We are always working on ways to improve the Stories experience.”

Photos vs. Videos

Earlier this year, Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced the platform would focus more on video content. In his words, one of Instagram’s goals for 2022 was to “double down on videos.” This divided users and even drew the ire of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, who are considered IG royalty. While some welcomed the new features, others felt that Instagram should focus on photos rather than model itself after TikTok.

Greater Control

Mosseri also mentioned that the network would strive to return “more control” to users. Instagram planned on doing this with increased transparency and giving users more options to customize their feeds and profiles. Their ability to enjoy a 60-second story in its entirety falls under this promise. It also allows people to choose whether their feed will be more photo or video-centric or have a balance of both.


For businesses, a primary goal of establishing a social media presence is to generate revenues. While people continue to grow shorter attention spans, it is essential to let them decide how to consume content. A minute-long story gives a viewer the ability to skip forward. The option is taken away if that video is divided into multiple clips. As a result, this may sometimes result in a user skipping the clips altogether. So splitting a Story up might do more harm than good. In the end, this could lose rather than earn money for businesses.

Changing With the Times

The internet is all about video content today, especially the shorter format. It’s only natural that Instagram, too, would adapt to this model. While the line between Stories and Reels has perhaps become less precise with the update, the change in user experience will be more noticeable.

IG has taken a gamble in that some sections of users may be unhappy at losing the super-short, bite-sized videos. Notably, Instagram had to reverse its course on the TikTok-style full-screen feed due to public outcry. This change in video format is essentially a compromise of sorts. However, it could well turn out to be a winning move.

As the digital world continues to move at the speed of light, social media networks must become equally dynamic. By giving people more options and control over what they see and share, Instagram is offering the benefits users want. And this is a textbook example of how to attract and retain your target audience.

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