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The social media marketing industry has experienced substantial growth over the last decade. The primary reason for this is the one-to-many model of almost every major social media platform today, which enables individuals, businesses, and brands to reach out to a large audience simultaneously. 

On top of that, nothing else is as effective as social media marketing campaigns when it comes to connecting with the internet generation, who are always scrolling and swiping through their feeds. This is why all new and established businesses today target their marketing communications by shaping their strategies according to the social media model. 

Cryptocurrency, DeFi, and NFT, in particular, are industries that have benefitted massively from various social media marketing strategies by engaging with their target audiences directly on these platforms. According to research, more than 53 million Americans have invested in cryptocurrencies, and about 62% of them are aged between 18 to 29 years. 

For the crypto world specifically, Twitter marketing has proved to be the most productive marketing tool today. And it makes complete sense, considering Twitter is the go-to social media platform for the entire crypto and NFT community. Although there are different strategies that one can adopt when promoting their brand on Twitter, DM marketing creates the maximum impact on your target audience and yields the best results for crypto projects.  

That’s why, in this blog, we will explain how leveraging Twitter DM crypto marketing services and offering them to your clients can help you grow tremendously as a digital agency in 2022. 

Benefits of Twitter DM Marketing for Crypto Projects 

Twitter DM marketing means identifying target audience groups interested in your niche and reaching out to them with an impactful marketing pitch directly via Twitter DMs (direct messages). The following points will give you a clear idea of the scope and functionality of Twitter DM marketing in promoting crypto and NFT projects. 

 1. Twitter Is a Powerful Platform 

Twitter is the best social media platform for finding audience groups having the same interests and interacting with relevant communities. That’s why the entire crypto community, whether it be founders of a project or those investing in it, has an active presence on this socialization medium. This not only makes it easier for marketing agencies to find the right targeted audience for marketing purposes but also saves them a considerable amount of time and resources that are normally spent on research purposes. 

 2. Twitter DMs Are More Efficient 

The biggest problem with traditional marketing campaigns is that it is difficult to target and reach a narrow market segment(s) or niche for your products or services. Advertisements that are employed in mass marketing, therefore, will fail with those who are not interested in that particular niche, causing your marketing efforts to drop considerably. 

Twitter DM marketing solves this problem ingeniously by taking the marketing pitch directly to the inbox of only those users that have shown interest in the field of your client’s project. As a result, the success rate of your marketing campaign is much higher. 

 3. Cost-Effective 

Unlike other social media marketing strategies, where you have to allot a significant portion of the budget to graphic designing and a filmmaking team to create engaging and captivating content, Twitter DM marketing for NFT and crypto projects is very cost-effective. All you need is a good pitch and a team of marketing experts who know how to approach a large number of people at once. 

 4. New and Unique 

Besides being exceptionally cost-efficient, Twitter DM crypto marketing is a completely new and unique concept for crypto PR distribution. Since not many marketing agencies are using this strategy at the moment, the user engagement potential is extremely high. If used smartly, this untapped goldmine can bring your client huge benefits in the form of increased exposure, enhanced brand loyalty, business growth, and profitability. 

All these things make Twitter DM crypto marketing the best way to promote your client’s NFT and crypto projects. Offering this service will contribute massively to your agency’s growth and strengthen your roots in the industry. If you’re not sure how to get started, Facilius Inc. is here to help you. 

How Facilius Inc. Can Help You 

Facilius Inc. is a leading white-label crypto PR and marketing agency. We partner up with the most ambitious marketing agencies around the globe and help them provide the best crypto PR services to their clients. 

Our expertise and success stories speak for us. We actively work with 100+ agency partners who white label our services on a regular basis to bring the spotlight to their clients’ projects. We have helped several PR agencies grow exponentially by allowing them to resell our impactful crypto marketing services. 

Facilius Inc.’s team of crypto marketing experts specialize in strategizing and implementing impactful digital marketing campaigns to help crypto projects achieve massive growth. Our Twitter DM marketing services for NFT and crypto projects have been particularly effective in helping various new projects reach out to their target audience directly and more efficiently, and it’s a service that our agency partners love to white label for their clients!  

Through this service, we can help you take your client’s marketing pitch to 250,000 Twitter users interested in their niche. And if they want to reach out to an even larger audience, we can even target as many as 500,000 interested Twitter profiles at once. 

Facilius Inc. wants to help you grow because that’s where our success lies—in the successes of our agency partners. We offer our expertise at the best market rates so that you can make the most of the opportunity by reselling these services with higher margins. 

There is an increasing demand for effective crypto and NFT marketing services which will only rise exponentially in the days ahead. So, don’t miss this golden opportunity to team up with Facilius Inc. today and resell the hottest service currently in the crypto world—Twitter DM crypto marketing! 

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