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In the digital age, standing out from your competition is crucial to success. For brands and businesses, the right username on platforms like Instagram and TikTok can make all the difference in attracting followers and building a solid online presence. However, with so many users on these platforms, it can be challenging to claim your desired username. This is where the services offered by digital agencies, such as claiming inactive usernames, come in.

If you’re an agency owner looking to bolster your service portfolio with a hot-selling service, this blog is for you. Here, we’ll discuss why username claims are a high-selling service, how to claim an inactive username for your client, and how partnering with a top white-label social media agency like ours can help you provide guaranteed services to your clients throughout their social media success journey.

Why Is Username Claim a High-Selling Service?

The right username on platforms like Instagram and TikTok offers numerous practical advantages to brands.

Establishing Brand Identity:

With the right username, a business can establish a strong brand identity on social media. For instance, an account with the username @fitnessgoals will instantly convey what it is all about to the audience.

Building Credibility:

A username that accurately represents a business or individual can help them build credibility on social media. A username that is easy to remember, reflective of the brand’s values, and consistent across different platforms can help establish a strong online presence. Moreover, the right username can also help users find the brand more easily and associate it with professionalism and reliability.

Avoiding Confusion:

A common issue on social media is users with similar usernames, which can lead to confusion among followers. Claiming the right username on Instagram or TikTok can help your client avoid this confusion and make it easier for their followers to find the right account.

All these reasons make Instagram/TikTok username claims one of the hottest-selling services a digital agency can offer its clients.

How to Claim an Inactive Username for Your Client?

Claiming an inactive username for your client can be a tedious process, especially if the username is already taken. Some possible steps you could take are contacting the original account owner or reaching out to Instagram/TikTok support. But neither of these steps can help you secure your client’s desired username with a full guarantee.

However, partnering with us can make the process easier for you and your clients. Our team of experts specializes in claiming inactive usernames on Instagram and TikTok. The process is simple, and there is only one criterion: the desired username must be inactive.

Here’s how it works:

  • Provide us with your client’s desired username and the platform it belongs to (Instagram or TikTok).
  • Our team will conduct a thorough search to determine if the username is inactive and available to claim.
  • If the username is available, we’ll claim it for your client and transfer ownership to their account within 1–4 weeks.


Claiming the right username is only the beginning of a successful social media success story for your clients. By partnering with us, you can provide top services to your clients throughout their journey. Once your clients’ social media accounts start gaining traction with the right username, they’d also possibly look to get verified. Facilius Inc. also offers guaranteed white-label Instagram verification and TikTok verification for its partners.

So kickstart your client’s success story by helping them claim their desired inactive username on Instagram and TikTok to establish brand identity, build credibility, and avoid confusion on social media. Contact us today to learn more about our username claim and verification services.

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