Guaranteed Media Placement

“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.” – Bill Bernbach

Every brand, organization, influencer, and celebrity wants to share its story with millions of people. A few things stand in their way – budgets, time constraints, and the right media partner. Facilius Inc. is the preferred agency partner for more than 75 agencies when it comes to digital PR.

Facilius Inc. has robust business relations with 150+ influential digital media outlets. We have successfully placed our clients on some of the best publications, including Forbes, Maxim, USA Today, and more.

How do we get your story in the press?

  1. We strategize and draft newsworthy stories: Our team writes fresh, appealing, and newsworthy articles and stories. These stories are written to bring out the best parts about your brand and help position your brand in the best possible manner.

  2. We leverage our strong professional network: We meticulously choose the media that best fit our client’s message and targeted audience from the list of our media partners. We have partnerships with leading media outlets ranging from well-known top-tier publications to local news media outlets.

  3. We get your stories published on news media sites : Our close association with our media partners means we get to directly publish stories, unlike PR agencies. We ensure that our clients’ stories are published on priority, in time, and in the exact way we have discussed with the clients.


What benefits do you get with Facilius?

Engage with Facilius Inc. to get featured on the leading pages of top US publications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Agencies can rely on our established network and connections with top media outlets. Our services are easy to white label. They help our agency partners grow their business and offer this sought-after service to their clients.

We offer a list of publications from which agencies can select the medium they prefer. We can then get your brand featured through an interview, a listicle, sponsored story, featured article, co-feature, or a press release.

A sponsored or paid article is an article that gets posted on a publication, following its regular editorial standards and guidelines, that will have backlinks to the sponsor’s website/social media. It is a form of indirect advertisement and a great way to boost your online visibility, reputation, and credibility.

Every publication has its own set of requirements, and we make sure all of it is communicated to you in advance. But be assured your order comes with a guarantee. In the rarest case that we cannot deliver, you can either pick another publication of equal value from our list or request a 100% refund.

Absolutely. As the name suggests, we take 100% responsibility of our guaranteed media placement services. In case your client’s article doesn’t get published, we will refund your full money.

The rates for getting featured on top online media vary from publication to publication. Please get in touch with us to discuss your client’s exact requirements, and we will give you an accurate quote.