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Press articles remain an essential element of any organization’s communication strategy. Getting media exposure gives an enormous opportunity for brands to build trust with their target audience, increase their awareness, and build their credibility. Including newsworthy information while maintaining an engaging tone in paid media stories to capture the attention of prospects and competitors is an art. Unfortunately, many brands make several mistakes in how they approach, handle, or execute press articles. In this blog, we discuss those common errors and how best to remedy them.

A well-executed digital PR strategy can help brands communicate with thousands of people globally. You can create informative and compelling press articles about your company or brand and highlight achievements and milestones, or simply connect with your audience. This is not easy to do, and often mistakes are made. If you want to avoid making such mistakes, one of the best ways to do so is by seeking professional assistance. As a digital PR agency that helps brands get featured on Forbes, Maxim, and several other leading magazines, Facilius Inc. explains the five biggest mistakes brands make with their press articles.  

1. Not ensuring the brand messaging is clear  

Given that securing press coverage is time-bound, promptness in delivery becomes a critical element to create maximum impact. However, it’s far safer to take an extra day to ensure your content is compelling, accurate, and relevant than to hurriedly send an error-filled and vague article for the world to see. Also, as the readers may not possess in-depth knowledge about your industry, it is essential to be straightforward and concise. We have noticed that using relatable analogies to explain a point helps. Importantly, brands need to maintain consistency in their communication as what you say should remain constant across several articles published online.  

2. Not covering something newsworthy

This may seem obvious, but your press articles must reveal something new or newsworthy to capture the attention of your audience. For example, you can showcase how a service your brand is offering will solve a problem or transform the industry in some manner. Remember, a press article is not an advertorial and should not be overly promotional. The key is to strike the perfect balance and engage your audience through your press.

3. Not leveraging guaranteed media placements

Guaranteed media placements are a powerful tool to help you build a compelling image for your brand. A lot of brands are either not aware of media placements or fail to leverage them adequately. Media placements can be taken for leading publications across the globe, ideally publications that would find value in what you offer. You also have complete control over the narrative. By approaching a professional media placement company, brands can get featured on Forbes, Maxim, Yahoo, and several other publications, and ensure that they reach the desired audience on a global stage.

4. Offering very little value to readers

Readers are constantly looking for information and news that is relevant as a news source in their everyday lives. When engaging with your content, they are wondering what’s in it for them. Most brands use press articles for advertising their benefits before prospects show interest. They fail to take the readers on a journey on how or why this is important. Instead, when crafting your press articles, always focus on sharing useful information, insights, or learnings with your readers. Knowing how your press article will add value to the reader’s life will help you create powerful press articles.

5. Quoting people who haven’t authorized their inclusion

One of the biggest mistakes a brand can make is publishing content that mentions a client or partner who hasn’t provided an official statement to include in the press article. This could irreparably damage your working relationship. In all circumstances, it is important to only add quotes of partners, clients, or stakeholders who are informed in advance. Not only would you save yourself unnecessary complications, but people being quoted or mentioned in the press article can help enhance its credibility and reach.

Key takeaway

The press articles you publish on behalf of your brand should be well-planned. What is the news angle you want to focus on? What is your sanctioned opinion on the industry? Which publications do you want to want to target? These are some of the most critical elements, which, if ignored, could hamper your brand’s online reputation.

Take note of these lessons, and keep them at the core of your digital PR strategy. You may not be able to avert every mistake but these pointers will help you down the right path. Seeking help from an experienced digital PR agency or a media placement company is the most practical step forward. Reach out to Facilius Inc. and take your brand to the top of your industry.

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