Get your clients that coveted blue verified badge on Facebook with Facilius Inc. as your agency partner.

The Facebook verification badge signifies authenticity and sets a brand apart from its competitors.

The Facebook verification process is very selective. You need to have the right online presence and prove your noteworthiness to get verified.

We have helped our agency partners get more than 1000 clients verified in the last year. These clients include entrepreneurs, entertainers, doctors, authors, finance professionals, brands, and other public figures. Our team of professionals has the experience to take your client’s brand to the next level on Facebook and help you become a renowned Facebook verification agency.


  1. We build your credibility: With the help of our guaranteed media placements, we help build your brand’s credibility online. Before we apply for your Facebook verification, we ensure credible newspapers and magazines are talking about your brand. Apart from that, we also ensure that your Google search results reflect the kind of brand image required to get verified.
  1. We make changes in line with the requirements: We keep ourselves constantly updated with the requirements for getting verified. Our team sets up your brand’s Facebook profile or page to get you the badge sooner than any other agency. We take care of the way your profile or page needs to look to get verified. Our team also ensures that you have the right details and information to help showcase your credibility.
  1. We use our tried and tested access for verification: We have been here and done this. With over 1000 verified and satisfied clients, we know what works. Our tried and tested techniques and access help improve your chances of getting verified with the help of our proven process.

What benefits do you get with Facilius?

Facilius Inc. boasts an outstanding track record of successful Facebook verifications. Here are reasons why agencies trust us with verifying their clients:

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have an active Facebook profile or page with considerable followers who regularly engage and respond to your posts. A good online presence with credible links and media coverages plays a very important role in building your credibility.

No, it has to be public when you apply for verification.

We check your application, review your Facebook profile or page, and recommend changes to ensure you get verified. We make your brand notable by providing media coverage in well-known media outlets. We then use our tried and tested techniques to get you the verified badge on Facebook.

It takes 12 to 14 weeks to get verified on Facebook.

Once you share your details with us, our expert team will analyze your profile to determine whether you are eligible for Facebook verification. If not, then we will do what’s required to boost your online visibility and publicity and make you eligible.

To get verified on Facebook, you need to send an application to the concerned Facebook team. You can also entrust an agency like us to do this on your behalf. If your profile meets all the necessary criteria, then it will get verified in a few weeks.

Our verification packages include writing press articles and publishing them in notable newspapers and magazines online. These articles help in building your brand’s credibility.

Yes, your order is protected by a 100% money-back guarantee if we fail to deliver this service within the promised timeline.

When we send an article for publishing, our client’s information will be required by the publication. However, we submit the information only after receiving approval from our clients. All our communications are end-to-end encrypted.

We offer customized services to fit the needs and preferences of our clients or other agents’ clients. Contact us directly with your request, and our team will put together a best-match package for you.

There are many benefits of getting verified on Facebook, such as increased visibility, enhanced prestige among peers and competitors, and boosted credibility among fans and followers. Facebook verification is a must for brands and public figures in the digital era.