We pride ourselves in being able to deliver what no other agency can

Founded in 2013 by three passionate digital marketers – Karishhma Mago, Nikhil Mulani, and Mohit Mirchandani – Facilius Inc. has been providing breakthrough solutions to companies across sectors and sizes. As a digital agency, we have always focused on providing solutions that add tremendous amount of value to our clients and help solve core digital problems. This is a key reason why we have established strong partnerships with agencies from across the globe.

At Facilius Inc., we believe in providing solutions that go beyond the purview of other agencies. We do not settle for anything less than outstanding.


Karishhma Mago


As the founder of Facilius Inc., Karishhma is a content marketing and social media pioneer who brings a unique perspective to businesses and is passionate about solving digital marketing problems. She’s an equal parts leader, strategist, and consultant who loves finding out what hinders individuals and brands in the digital space and then identifying how she can help them reach their full potential. Her creativity, coupled with a wealth of digital marketing experience, has led to a polished strategic acumen that guides her course and that of her partners and clients. Facilius is a culmination of Karishhma’s talent, experience, and devotion to values-based decision-making.

Mohit Mirchandani

Chief Marketing Officer

As a chief marketing officer at Facilius Inc., Mohit is responsible for all things content marketing and talent acquisition and management. Identified as one of the industry’s “top-grade” digital marketers, Mohit is a mainstay of the thriving agency. Wherever he goes, he puts his magnetic knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to good use, guiding business leaders and brands on how to grow their foothold, transform their marketing capabilities, and leave their legacy. His go-to approach is looking beyond basic tactics to discover innovative digital solutions that maximize productivity and unlock profitability.

Nikhil Mulani

Chief Business Officer

Helping to harness the power of digital marketing for business efficiency, agility, and growth is Nikhil’s specialty. His former experience as a banker and zeal for consumer technology is often seen as an invaluable gain for clients seeking growth in the digital realm because of his ability to comprehend the client-agency relationship. His passion for global cuisine and travel keeps his blues away.

Helping You Cut Through The Noise And Be Heard

Our mission is simple: To help digital agencies grow tremendously by providing high-value solutions to complicated digital problems.

Why do agencies prefer working with us?

The Facilius Inc. Advantage

We are at the forefront of digital solutions, including digital PR (guaranteed media placements), social media verification, online reputation management, and social media growth and engagement. We have helped more than 1000 brands enhance their digital credibility considerably.

Facilius Inc. is synonymous with trust, experience, and expertise. Our high-caliber digital PR agency takes businesses to greater heights.