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If you run a PR agency, you’d be well aware that guaranteeing your clients press features on their desired publications is easier said than done. This is because you need years of expertise, connections, and networks to guarantee digital PR services. In fact, over 60% of PR pros admit that establishing solid connections with journalists and publications is their biggest challenge.

However, this is where outsourcing digital PR services can be a boon to your agency. Whether you have the time, resources, or connections to solve your clients’ unique PR requirements or not, outsourcing can help you tackle all your problems at once.

Outsourcing digital PR services means acting as a reseller of a premier white-label agency like Facilius Inc. This means the white-label agency would take care of your client’s PR requirements while you act as the middleman. Having said that, here are 5 benefits of outsourcing digital PR services for your clients: 


The number one benefit of working with a leading white-label PR agency is their expertise, networks, and connections. You gain direct access to thousands of leading online news publications for your clients’ PR features. 

This can help you expand your agency’s reach and credibility and ultimately position yourself as an industry expert in the digital PR landscape.


Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing digital PR services is actually more cost-effective. It eliminates the need to invest in building an in-house PR team. In fact, you could even be a one-man team and simply resell another agency’s services to your clients. Thus, becoming a digital PR reseller allows you to not only save on recruitment and training costs but also offer more competitive prices to your clients.

Time Saving

Running an online PR agency isn’t an easy task, and we know it. From marketing to client acquisition and retention, there are a hundred different tasks to look into. However, outsourcing your clients’ digital PR requirements means one less thing to worry about. 

This also saves you countless hours of networking and sending cold emails to journalists. And in turn, you can use that time to prioritize other aspects of scaling your agency. 


Outsourcing PR services from a white-label agency like Facilius Inc., which offers guaranteed PR services, eliminates the risk of losing money on an order. Facilius takes 100% responsibility in the execution and delivery of your client’s PR order. And on the rare instance that we fail to deliver, you are entitled to a full refund. 


One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing digital PR services is that it allows you to transform your agency into a full-stack powerhouse. A white-label agency often has several subsidiary services in its portfolio, which you can also resell. For instance, Facilius Inc. also offers services like social media verification (FacebookTwitterTikTokInstagram), Instagram Username Claims, and Online Reputation Management.

Thus, outsourcing allows you to offer a broader range of digital services to your clients.

How to Outsource Digital PR Services?

The first step in outsourcing digital PR services is to identify your goals so that you can find a service provider accordingly.

Next, research and look for reputable PR agencies with a proven track record. Feel free to ask for references and case studies to review. Once you have a shortlist of potential partners, schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and see if they fit.

If you’re looking for a reliable white-label digital PR agency, consider partnering with Facilius Inc. Our team of experts can help you offer guaranteed PR services to your clients and grow as an agency.


Therefore, it’s clear that outsourcing digital PR services comes with numerous advantages for any PR agency. Take advantage of our white-label digital PR services today and elevate your agency to new heights with Team Facilius.

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