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About Us

Founded in 2013, our company has spread its roots across countries and infact continents. We have an office in Utica, Michigan and one in Mumbai, India. We have a team of 30 people who work tirelessly to cater to our clients. To date, we have catered to over 600 clients across 27 countries. From established names like Kodak, Standard Chartered, Republic TV, HDFC to a multitude of startups, our portfolio of clients is rather diverse.

Our words are powerful when necessary, minimalistic when appropriate, impeccable whenever. We are not your regular social media agency or mundane content writers. Who are we, you ask? We’re just your average, ordinary, everyday superheroes.


At Facilius Inc., we believe that bracketing ourselves into one definition limits the extent of our capabilities. Are we a digital agency? Are we Wikipedia editors? Are we a content writing company or a content marketing one? The simple answer is, we are all of the above. If the content is king, we are the loyal courtiers serving it. Our aim is to constantly challenge ourselves when it comes to the written word and we take great pride in our team of content creators, all of whom push the boundaries of creativity every day. No matter what the digital service you are looking for – writing services, social media marketing strategies, Wikipedia page writing, brand development, online reputation management, content marketing, content branding or website development; we do it all. Facilius Inc. is truly your one-stop destination for all things content.


Annual Report Writing Services

Hence, to ensure your Company personifies good quality and corporate governance while reducing your burden so you can divert the same time on other important matters

Article Writing

Making effective use of the organic opportunities and getting the lead is an art we have cultured over the years, and that makes us one of the foremost Article Writing Services in Mumbai.


The importance of maintaining an active blog in today's day and age cannot be stressed enough.

Branding and Identity

Allow our heroes to help your brand find and rule its place in this world.

Business Plan Writing

Hire a team of experts to create a business plan

Content Marketing

The World of Content Marketing - A New Era of Branding

Content Writing Services

Facilius Inc is one of the best content writing companies in the USA and India.

Email Marketing

82% of consumers open emails from companies – Are you sending them any?

Facebook Marketing

Businesses are likely to reach a wide range of people through Facebook which is provided by companies offering Facebook Marketing services in India.

Marketing Consultancy

We help to create and implement the best marketing strategies applicable to you.

Mobile App Marketing

It refers to not only promotion of the brand through mobile apps but also constant involvement and retention of such users who have downloaded the app.

Online Reputation Marketing

The most critical aspect for a website or Company to gain goodwill and visibility in the market is to build up its online reputation.

Press Release Writing

As experts in this industry we have the knowledge and know how to convey the right message through their delivery.

Product Descriptions

High quality descriptions not only create a hype for your products, they have the potential to multiply the traffic directed towards your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Over 91% of users never go beyond the first page of search results – Will they find you there?

Social Media Marketing

From crisp, engaging content to strong, aesthetically-pleasing design, we are a social media agency with several creative heroes

Social Media Verification

The world of social media verification is a maze. With the number of companies claiming to offer this service, every person should have a verified handle.

Website Developement

We’re going to help you find your place in this increasingly webbed world

Wikipedia Page

Having an article on Wikipedia not only lends credibility to your brand, but also helps your SEO efforts greatly.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Have a challenge for us? Drop by and our heroes would love to share some of their fuel with you – with great power comes great coffee and tea.

  • USA:
    Address: 210, Jonathan Circle, Utica, Michigan 48317
  • Contact  USA: +19293108511
  • India:
    Address: Kaledonia, 1st Floor, Sahar Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400069
    Contact number: +919769982425
    Businss Enquiry:
    Contact number: +919820675796


Address: 210, Jonathan Circle, Utica, Michigan, 48317

Contact: +1 9293108511



Address: Kaledonia, 1st Floor, Andheri (East), Mumbai

Contact: +91 22265064575